When Love happens again


Glamour comes with true Love, it sparkles the heart and it gives wholeness to you. It has a transforming power that eject all sadness.  When it seems you cannot love again and your world is chattered, Love rebuilds your broken world and makes you courageous to truly love.

Love restores hope, it is a sunrise that overshadows every sunset of despair. When Love happens again, it may happen unaware and sometimes you cannot fathom how you can ever love again but true love prevails over your broken heart to heal it.

You can never imagine how much and how well you can love though you had faced many pains but just know this, those pains were never there to destroy your lovely heart as assumed or speculated by people but it was there to enlarge your heart to love much more better. Though it may be quite difficult but as you look deep within with an insightful eye surely you know you have a great ability to love. Every pains and bitterness is overcome in Love.

Never give up on Love, never say you will not love again because you may have love a person that never reciprocated your love. Please don’t give up on Love because Love will never give up on you

The fascinating sense of Love brings wellness to the soul, you will surely find someone who will truly and perfectly love you. Love is all that matters.

Joy Anthony

The author Joy Anthony

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