I Found YOU

When  I found you,I could only say these few words:”You complete me in a way that no one did, brought wholeness to me;my soul was ignited to you,myspirit in tune with yours.”
You are everything I have always dreamt of and everything I would ever want and need.

You are the bone that fit and complete my bones,the flesh of my flesh that had fleshed me.
I could see real joy in our love,though we are not perfect but in love,we are made perfect,our imperfection is overridden and then perfection is exhibited.

I will never ever think of any one to spend the rest of my life with,expect for you. They might have a few similarities to you,but can never be you. You are unique and dynamic in different ways specific to you.
Words cannot express,how I feel about you,but only God could see my heart and tell how much I love and cherish you. I can only say one thing“I Love You”.

If giving a chance in another second life, I will choose you,as my soulmate that I will spend the rest of my life with.
You are not one of the best,I will say,you are the best . I pray, as always and like never before,we both will always dwell in God,for us to see each other ,the way God sees us and love each other, as God loves us,that is True perfect and undying Love.

You my dear,you are my perfect half never to be exchanged for anyone else in the whole world.
I Love you till the ends of the earth.

For every single person,I pray you meet that special person meant for you that you can boldly say these words to.
For those,who already have started the journey of life with the special person,always dwell in God,who is able to keep you both together in true and undying Love.

” Love is all that matter”.

Joy Anthony

The author Joy Anthony

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