Never stop Loving

Some of the dilemma in  Love is that you tend to Love someone that does not Love you in return, you want to force yourself and try to pursue that person even some go as far as playing pranks to get a person to Love them. But is there need for pranks or force yourself on a person.

Love is a free gift that is precious, is not forceful and never would play pranks, it is selfless and seek the joy of whom is been Loved. If you really Love a person, love unconditionally beyond been in a relationship. If not been with you make that person happy , let go ,knowing you want the best for that person and you also knows that Love is beyond your interest only but looks out for the other person interests.

It might be painful to let go but is more painful to be with a person whom you love and is not happy been with you, causing you to be weary and sad in Love.

The Real good thing to do is to Love with all your heart by fully letting go for you to  be satisfy in love and be joyful that the person is happy where he is, having such heart will attract to you someone who will equally love you in return without no struggle, no force and no pleading and  you also will be happy with the person.

It just might be another way round that your true Love will prevail over the heart of whom you love, the Love that is selfless and unconditional that really will overwhelm the heart for that person to Love you without struggle but with joy that he is with a person that has a heart of true love.

Remember, no matter what happens, never stop loving. Love is not attached to a person but Love is a gift of the heart that should not cease but is always given out to whom freely want to have it.

Love is all that matters.

Joy Anthony

The author Joy Anthony

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