Don’t Lose Yourself In a Relationship.

Two people in a relationship that truly love themselves have two different identity but  bounded together by love for each other to be able to put their differences aside and to be able to make positive difference  in each other .

But such differences in personality actually identify their kind of person that is what makes them distinctly unique in their ways.  Been in a relationship means having to understand a person thoroughly and how to relate with them but also respecting the fact you are different ,don’t make someone look like you, you cannot change a person but only influence such person . He or she cannot take up your identity, please don’t force it, they will only be a fake partner to you. What makes relationship real is the originality of a person and the show of real identity of that person, though sometimes you might have things in common and also get to be the same as you stay more together but as fingers are different so are your identities.

Two people in a true relationship is able to realize this and together build on their uniqueness , the uniqueness in their identities is what makes it a relationship at first where you can find what you don’t have in a person and the other person could find what they don’t have in you.  Their strength might be your weakness and your strength might be their weakness, if so let each one build on their strength to be able to cover up for the other  not the other way round where a person would take up the partner’s character and  everything about his life and just lose theirself in it.

You don’t have a dream of your own or anything of you, don’t get me wrong am not saying you both we not work together as one, am just saying that two people with their life purpose come together as two forces in a unique and dynamic manner to become one force, fulfilled in life but in a separate kind of ways bounded together as one in love in the understanding of their identity but also have a stable and appropriate combination of both.

But not the other way round like been a photocopy of your partner, acting as an actor of the real character of the other person, it does not work that way.When he met you, you had a life not now that you are in a relationship, you should lost your life as an actor of someone’s life, that is  not good at all.

Finally get this, a good relationship does not make you lose focus in your identity but helps you break within to explore the treasure in you. It gives you the focus to walk more in the reality of God’s infallible identity of your being.

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship, gain more of you by improving to become a better you, not a fake you or an actor of someone’s life.



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