Love Forgives

When you love does not mean you have not been hurt before it means letting go of all your hurts and also forgive who had hurt you. Not because it easy to just forget but true love gives you the capacity to forgive and forget. Forget, though not like having amnesia (memory loss ) but it means even though you still have the memory of the experience with you,  love makes such memory of no effect of pain to you but gives you an insightful eye to see a better you without no bitterness and hurts and how strong you are to overcome all of the hurts.

It helps you know that you did not turn horrible as the pain itself, the memory serves as a point of strength to overcome any challenges that comes your way and also make you help and encourage others on how to overcome their challenges,past hurts and pains thereby bringing comfort to them.

True Love redefines you by making you see life in another different positive perspective beyond all your negative circumstances  .Your Mess becomes your Message , your Pain turns to Pleasure , your Sorrow to Joy and your Restless soul to Peaceful soul.

Love is all that matter!!!




Joy Anthony

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