While you wait

Like Rebecca, you will be busy fetching water with your water pot from the River of living waters from within your belly to quench the thirst of nations.
Like Ruth, you will glean and harvest in the field to build sons as plants grown up in their youth, daughters as pillars sculptured after the similitude of a palace.
Like Esther, you are being polished for the King under the custody of Mordecai so would you be in the dwelling and tutoring of the Holyspirit to be the best queen that wonderfully represents the kingdom and also a deliverer for many generations.
Like Hannah, you will serve in the temple of the Lord in prayers and fasting and would offer service to God in ministering to His people.
Like the Proverb woman, you will be virtuous in your ways and a blessing to not only others but also be endowed with grace; for the gracious woman retains honor.
Like Deborah, as an Amazon in war: the place of prayer, you will be that backbone that will support your beloved to fight and win life’s battles.
You will wait for your beloved though the temptous storm rages as the storm that hit Dinah who dinned with the children of the land only to lay naked in the bed of Shechem. This is the pressure of the society; to fall and be defiled in the hands of a strange man, degraded value of cohabitation , yielding to sexual urges, for sex at any point in time with any person, jumping to the hands of any one to fill in the emotional gap this storm comes with a rage that want to overwhelm your being but in God’s grace you stand to overcome all.
Wait patiently in Love for your beloved. As you pray daily for your steps to be ordered in His , just like the wind, you both move to meet one day and when you see yourselves, like magnets that attract so your soul and spirit attract and synchs.
As you wait for that right person meant for you, you don’t wait to waste; you wait to weigh. It all depends on you.


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