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Love is Divine

Love is Real

Love is True

Love is intriguing

Love is Fascinating


“Reading the Book of Solomon give me a deep insight of Love.  I do not only see romance in it real state but i got  an insight of this great mysterious Love which is Deep and True .

As I read, i could feel this overwhelming Love between the Lady and her Lover , so unconditional Love that is priceless.

“I will say what really excite me most is “Love ” how broad it is, how deep it is and how mysterious it can be”

– Love Queen


Stay tune for more exciting series of Love. Love is all that matters


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I Found YOU


When  I found you,I could only say these few words:”You complete me in a way that no one did, brought wholeness to me;my soul was ignited to you,myspirit in tune with yours.”
You are everything I have always dreamt of and everything I would ever want and need.

You are the bone that fit and complete my bones,the flesh of my flesh that had fleshed me.
I could see real joy in our love,though we are not perfect but in love,we are made perfect,our imperfection is overridden and then perfection is exhibited.

I will never ever think of any one to spend the rest of my life with,expect for you. They might have a few similarities to you,but can never be you. You are unique and dynamic in different ways specific to you.
Words cannot express,how I feel about you,but only God could see my heart and tell how much I love and cherish you. I can only say one thing“I Love You”.

If giving a chance in another second life, I will choose you,as my soulmate that I will spend the rest of my life with.
You are not one of the best,I will say,you are the best . I pray, as always and like never before,we both will always dwell in God,for us to see each other ,the way God sees us and love each other, as God loves us,that is True perfect and undying Love.

You my dear,you are my perfect half never to be exchanged for anyone else in the whole world.
I Love you till the ends of the earth.

For every single person,I pray you meet that special person meant for you that you can boldly say these words to.
For those,who already have started the journey of life with the special person,always dwell in God,who is able to keep you both together in true and undying Love.

” Love is all that matter”.

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Never stop Loving


Some of the dilemma in  Love is that you tend to Love someone that does not Love you in return, you want to force yourself and try to pursue that person even some go as far as playing pranks to get a person to Love them. But is there need for pranks or force yourself on a person.

Love is a free gift that is precious, is not forceful and never would play pranks, it is selfless and seek the joy of whom is been Loved. If you really Love a person, love unconditionally beyond been in a relationship. If not been with you make that person happy , let go ,knowing you want the best for that person and you also knows that Love is beyond your interest only but looks out for the other person interests.

It might be painful to let go but is more painful to be with a person whom you love and is not happy been with you, causing you to be weary and sad in Love.

The Real good thing to do is to Love with all your heart by fully letting go for you to  be satisfy in love and be joyful that the person is happy where he is, having such heart will attract to you someone who will equally love you in return without no struggle, no force and no pleading and  you also will be happy with the person.

It just might be another way round that your true Love will prevail over the heart of whom you love, the Love that is selfless and unconditional that really will overwhelm the heart for that person to Love you without struggle but with joy that he is with a person that has a heart of true love.

Remember, no matter what happens, never stop loving. Love is not attached to a person but Love is a gift of the heart that should not cease but is always given out to whom freely want to have it.

Love is all that matters.

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Don’t Lose Yourself In a Relationship.


Two people in a relationship that truly love themselves have two different identity but  bounded together by love for each other to be able to put their differences aside and to be able to make positive difference  in each other .

But such differences in personality actually identify their kind of person that is what makes them distinctly unique in their ways.  Been in a relationship means having to understand a person thoroughly and how to relate with them but also respecting the fact you are different ,don’t make someone look like you, you cannot change a person but only influence such person . He or she cannot take up your identity, please don’t force it, they will only be a fake partner to you. What makes relationship real is the originality of a person and the show of real identity of that person, though sometimes you might have things in common and also get to be the same as you stay more together but as fingers are different so are your identities.

Two people in a true relationship is able to realize this and together build on their uniqueness , the uniqueness in their identities is what makes it a relationship at first where you can find what you don’t have in a person and the other person could find what they don’t have in you.  Their strength might be your weakness and your strength might be their weakness, if so let each one build on their strength to be able to cover up for the other  not the other way round where a person would take up the partner’s character and  everything about his life and just lose theirself in it.

You don’t have a dream of your own or anything of you, don’t get me wrong am not saying you both we not work together as one, am just saying that two people with their life purpose come together as two forces in a unique and dynamic manner to become one force, fulfilled in life but in a separate kind of ways bounded together as one in love in the understanding of their identity but also have a stable and appropriate combination of both.

But not the other way round like been a photocopy of your partner, acting as an actor of the real character of the other person, it does not work that way.When he met you, you had a life not now that you are in a relationship, you should lost your life as an actor of someone’s life, that is  not good at all.

Finally get this, a good relationship does not make you lose focus in your identity but helps you break within to explore the treasure in you. It gives you the focus to walk more in the reality of God’s infallible identity of your being.

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship, gain more of you by improving to become a better you, not a fake you or an actor of someone’s life.



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Love Forgives


When you love does not mean you have not been hurt before it means letting go of all your hurts and also forgive who had hurt you. Not because it easy to just forget but true love gives you the capacity to forgive and forget. Forget, though not like having amnesia (memory loss ) but it means even though you still have the memory of the experience with you,  love makes such memory of no effect of pain to you but gives you an insightful eye to see a better you without no bitterness and hurts and how strong you are to overcome all of the hurts.

It helps you know that you did not turn horrible as the pain itself, the memory serves as a point of strength to overcome any challenges that comes your way and also make you help and encourage others on how to overcome their challenges,past hurts and pains thereby bringing comfort to them.

True Love redefines you by making you see life in another different positive perspective beyond all your negative circumstances  .Your Mess becomes your Message , your Pain turns to Pleasure , your Sorrow to Joy and your Restless soul to Peaceful soul.

Love is all that matter!!!




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Chase After You!!!


Sometimes we chase after a person to love and value us for who we are and also to validate our worth but the appropriate and best thing to do is to chase after yourself. Look deeply within you to see how valuable and worthful you are, how lovely and gorgeous you are.

Develop yourself, build on your life purpose and get fulfilled, be happy and joyful about you, knowing that you are the best person anybody can ever have.

Just know that one of the best gift you can ever give yourself is knowing your worth and believing in yourself .The best validation of your worth is gotten from you not from someone else, always appreciate and love who you are and who you are becoming.

You are the best and wonderful thing that ever happen to you. This is the word, you can always say to admire yourself ‘’I Love Me’’.

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You have joy when you could love a person deeply and unconditionally without struggle. It just flows from within and the best part is knowing that the person truly loves you in return.

He might not be all perfect but he is right for you, an imperfect person becomes a right and perfect person when in love with each other . Real and True love in God through Christ is what makes you love unconditionally without restrain and also help you love appropriately and perfectly.

Trust God to Love your partner the way God want you to Love him.  Surely, that is the best way to Love.

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Save the Kiss


When you are in the right relationship with the right person , you both influence yourselves with good moral values , correct each other when things go wrong , learn from your past skirmishes on how to do things right for such misunderstandings not to re-occur.

But there something about relationships: you have an emotional sexual attraction! We are humans , it is only natural that these feelings are present. The temptation of wanting to be cuddled in his arms,with him holding you closely, and you, wanting a good night kiss… these are real things , you tend to face .

But even at that, you could choose to save the kiss for it to be special on that special day.

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The Rhythm of Love


As I looked into his eyes , I could only see the expression of Love in them , even when his lips speak no words, Love speaks calmly to my heart .

I gaze into those eyes so deeply ,basking in the euphoria of overwhelming feeling that runs through my veins,  words cannot or are not enough describe it .

All I could just whisper in his ear , was “ I Love you”, suddenly ,just like the wind blowing through my ear , I could hear his deep but calm voice saying  “ I Love you more and most” .

When he says it, he means it. He knows whom he loves .  She loves him beyond his imperfections. Sometimes even in his vulnerable and weak state , he feels safe in her bosom because she lives in Safety; she dwells in the Most High.  Her voice does not reach out to his heart only but goes beyond it , reaches  out to his spirit being , she does not just talk but speaks in the place of prayer. She is everything , he could ever desire.  She is a gracious Woman .

#Grace woman #Loveyourman #alwaysprayforhim

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Where are the Real men? Are they still in existence?

Yes, they are. These men are in control of the brain below their belt and are also well controlled by the brain in their heads.


They give no place to their sex drive to drive them into sexually violating, abuse or harass a woman.

The male biological makeup is designed in such a way that two and half times the brain is devoted to sexual drive for action and aggression but this is no excuse to rape.

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