Love Till The End


Looking into the eyes of whom you love , you want to be with that person till the last breathe of your being but is not just been with the person, you also continue in life journey with that person despite what happens .

Though they aren’t all perfect or flawless but beyond their imperfection, you want to Love that person wholeheartedly even when it seems you don’t feel like or you don’t have such emotional gush. Love is a decision and a commitment to love unconditionally and also to be with the person through thick and thin, you decide to stay to love the person.

Love that person in difficult times, the test of your love is not when all seem well but when your all situation is bad and you could still love with such circumstances .Your love still remains unshaken and not affected by such condition that is true love.

You don’t love a person to be with the person for a short time but to love till the very end of life, love is everlasting.

Love is all that matter.


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You have joy when you could love a person deeply and unconditionally without struggle. It just flows from within and the best part is knowing that the person truly loves you in return.

He might not be all perfect but he is right for you, an imperfect person becomes a right and perfect person when in love with each other . Real and True love in God through Christ is what makes you love unconditionally without restrain and also help you love appropriately and perfectly.

Trust God to Love your partner the way God want you to Love him.  Surely, that is the best way to Love.

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Save the Kiss

When you are in the right relationship with the right person , you both influence yourselves with good moral values , correct each other when
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