The Rhythm of Love


As I looked into his eyes , I could only see the expression of Love in them , even when his lips speak no words, Love speaks calmly to my heart .

I gaze into those eyes so deeply ,basking in the euphoria of overwhelming feeling that runs through my veins,  words cannot or are not enough describe it .

All I could just whisper in his ear , was “ I Love you”, suddenly ,just like the wind blowing through my ear , I could hear his deep but calm voice saying  “ I Love you more and most” .

When he says it, he means it. He knows whom he loves .  She loves him beyond his imperfections. Sometimes even in his vulnerable and weak state , he feels safe in her bosom because she lives in Safety; she dwells in the Most High.  Her voice does not reach out to his heart only but goes beyond it , reaches  out to his spirit being , she does not just talk but speaks in the place of prayer. She is everything , he could ever desire.  She is a gracious Woman .

#Grace woman #Loveyourman #alwaysprayforhim

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While you wait

Like Rebecca, you will be busy fetching water with your water pot from the River of living waters from within your belly to quench the
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